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How to Care for Your Latex Mask

When you receive your latex mask in the mail, it might not look how you were imagining right out of the box – more squished flat than the cool realistic 3D look from the picture. But follow these few easy tips, and you’ll get it looking Instagram-worthy in no time!

The following tips aren’t absolutely necessary but will help prolong the life and best use of your latex mask.

  1. Your mask will hold a fuller shape if you stuff it with plastic bags or a cotton T-shirt for a few hours or overnight before wearing. (Remove plastic bags before wearing!)
  2. After wearing, wipe down the inside of your mask with a mild soap, then water, as sweat, perspiration and makeup oils can break down latex over time.
  3. Dry the mask thoroughly and restuff it with plastic bags or a cotton T-shirt.
  4. Store away from heat and bright sunlight.
  5. Now it will be all set for next time you want to wear it!



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