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Sir Galahad the Pure and Zoot

I’ve been brainstorming unique couple costume ideas lately to expand our Costume Ideas page, and I thought about one of my favorite scenes from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. On his quest for the Holy Grail, Sir Galahad the Pure sees a grail-shaped beacon shining in the sky above a castle. He storms in, only to find a castle full of 150 beautiful, white-clad women, led by one called Zoot. They feel just terrible for turning on that grail-shaped beacon again, and wouldn’t Sir Galahad like to punish them all with a sound spanking? Just as Galahad’s resolve is weakening, in swoops Sir Lancelot and “saves” him.

I’ve never been to a Halloween event and seen a couple dressed as Galahad and Zoot (and I go to a lot of Halloween events), yet it’s a movie and scene many people remember fondly. I think it would be great for a laugh and maybe even win a costume contest!

To dress up like Galahad, any medieval knight costume with faux chain mail would do, but the most accurate to the movie is one with a white tunic.

We recommend the one pictured below, The Designer Adult Lancelot Costume, but other great options would be the Adult Valiant Knight Costume, Adult Knight of the Round Table Costume, or for a little added humor, the Adult Knight to Remember Costume. And don’t forget your sword!

Sir Galahad the Pure and the temptress Zoot
Sir Galahad the Pure and the temptress Zoot

Zoot wore a long white dress with bell sleeves and a high neck, and a gold-trimmed white pillbox hat with semi-sheer white fabric draping below the chin. She had long blonde hair.

Many of our angel costumes would do the trick, but the ones that most resemble Zoot’s outfit are the Adult Velvet Sexy Angel, pictured at left, the Plus Size Heavenly Angel Costume, and the Women’s Angel Costume With Bell Sleeves.

Perhaps add a blonde wig. As for the hat and veil, we don’t have anything that fits the bill perfectly. You could try modifying the Child’s Bride Veil or make your own with white cardboard, posterboard, or a hat form, draped with white tulle or chiffon.

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