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Family Costumes: The Tangled Gang

These days, our 4-year-old daughter Ruby is quite the Cosplay enthusiast. She has to have everything JUST SO. On Dr. Seuss’s birthday, her Cindy Lou Who outfit was not complete until she had her braids sticking out exactly right, and she had some serious angst about not being able to see Cindy Lou’s shoes in How the Grinch Stole Christmas, so she could wear the exact right ones to match. She felt the same about her Eloise outfit and her Shirley Temple in Baby, Take a Bow outfit, and her Cinderella costume, for that matter (which is now a size too small, but she will not be deterred).

At Halloween, she decided our family should go as a matching set from the movie Tangled. She only decided this roughly five minutes before Halloween, having narrowed it down from the ten other options she’d been strongly considering, so we had limited ability to throw together this ensemble. As it was, the baby of the family, who might’ve otherwise gone as Pascal the chameleon, instead went as the totally random and unrelated but uniquely adorable¬†Tinker Bell. Ruby wore her Disney store Rapunzel costume (I know – blasphemy for a costume retailer to buy her kid a Disney store costume, but we didn’t carry one at the time), along with matching shoes and braid, which were an early Christmas present.

flynn rider, rapunzel and tinkerbell
Flynn Rider with Rapunzel and … Tinker Bell? How’d she get in this movie?


I went as the evil but, quite frankly, fabulous Mother Gothel, in our Burgundy Renaissance Bella Hooded Dress Costume. I wore this costume to two different events and got stopped and complimented by like 27 (roughly translated to three) random strangers.


It really was the perfect costume for Mother Gothel, with a square neckline and deep wine color, just like her dress. I added a metal ring belt of my own. I admit, Ruby got her Cosplay-dedication tendencies from me, because I totally googled Mother Gothel images and wore dangly gold earrings like her, and even eye shadow like her. I also wore silver glittery ballet flats. This costume was insanely comfortable, and I kind of wanted to start wearing medieval gowns (albeit made from stretchy crushed velvet) pretty much all the time. That didn’t actually happen, but maybe one day I will convert to medieval fashion full-time.

mother-daughter rapunzel and mother gothel costumes
Mother Gothel and Rapunzel … before Rapunzel figured out Mother Gothel was all evil and kidnap-y.

Dada, meanwhile, went as the charming¬†Flynn Rider (aka Eugene Fitzherbert) in our Adult Renaissance Man Costume. I’m not ashamed to admit I found him extremely dashing in his thief-with-a-heart-of-gold costume. Mother Gothel may have moved in on Rapunzel’s man a time or two while trick-or-treating! (That Mother Gothel – so evil, but soooo fabulous!) The hubster paired his costume tunic thing-y with a pair of cargo pants tucked into boots, and even a canvas messenger bag to replicate Flynn’s famous satchel-o-crown (which worked out nicely, because a purse just didn’t go with Mother Gothel’s ensemble).


Flynn Rider and his satchel … and stroller.
father-daughter flynn rider and rapunzel costume
Flynn and Rapunzel

It turned out to be a really fun family costume. We may have to resurrect it for Ruby’s 5th birthday party. She says she wants a Rapunzel party!


Obligatory photo of Tinker Bell in her big sister's pink shoes.
Obligatory photo of Tinker Bell in her big sister’s pink shoes.

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